SaiSuresh Murthy

Sai challenges the conventions that have bound the industry and helps create an unconventional growth for Elevature Training. His work mantra is ‘Tell the Truth’ and believes it to be the only option to thrive in this competitive business environment.

Sai is a Creative Director and mentor to young startup companies having good analytical skills, creative thinking and a great writing ability. He strongly believes in the power of entrepreneurship as a tool for social transformation.

He comes with about 14 years of experience in advertising and brand design. Starting with local businesses, his experience includes working with public sector undertakings, large multinational companies and Indian multinationals.

While spearheading creative teams during brand launches and mega-budget advertising campaigns, Sai has collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the country in traditional and non-traditional marketing space.

Sai is a Media Graduate from Somaiya College Mumbai and a Semi – Finalist at IIT Bombay’s Business Plan competition.

As a consultant with Elevature, Sai is always ready to discuss new ideas, possibilities and opportunities, making him an ideal companion for free-flowing brain-storming sessions.

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