Are you ready to pay The PRICE for The PRIZE


‘How old are you?’ a truly inspiring and thought provoking regional language movie from India. It revolves around a question asked by a girl child ‘What’s the expiry date of a woman’s dream?’

Isn’t it a powerful question?

However I strongly felt that this question must be extended to all. Life keeps us so busy that either we stop to dream or worse, forget to dream altogether.

Commitments in life, the thought of being secure and managing a life style encircle our abilities and dreams and we end up settling for “the good”.

Did you know that dogs like flesh, but they settle for bones……

Are we settling for the bones? We all are born to be great and meaningful not just to ourselves or our family but to the society as well.

It reminds me of my own experience as a child of 4 grade. It was sports day at the school and I was to participate in two events, the Needle & Thread (where you thread a needle and race to the finish line), and the 100m sprint. I’m not an athlete, but participated anyways. The host called out my name for needle and thread and I was standing at the centre among 7 participants. On your marks …get set….go. All the participants threaded needle and ran, but I was still attempting and couldn’t even start running. I was still at the start line. The audience started laughing. Seeing me cry, my mom came running to me said “You still have the 100m race and you can do it. Don’t just participate, this time race to win”- She challenged me. I was the shortest among the rest and had a track record of being among the last 5. But this time it was different. No settling for anything other than winning. Again on your marks …get set…go, and I just ran. I could only see the finish line and nothing else and to my utter surprise, and everyone else’s surprise, I WON.

Well, that was just school time sports and the results were immediate…….but it was a strong learning. Utter focus led to that result. I was blind to everything else. We may not be able to turn blind to all else in our complex lives today, but we can surely factor a good chunk of our time and energies in doing so.

Today’s technology has the power to help us do that- loads of information at our fingertips (of course we need to know which piece of information is relevant) – but the fact is, it is available instantly, saving us lots of time, and help pace our activities, and hence plan.

Now that the mundane and daily is out of the way (due to the planning mentioned earlier), start dreaming. Again. Or if you already have a dream, become blind to everything else to achieve it. Pay the price for the prize (achieving your dreams).

Don’t participate to, er….well, participate……. Participate to win.

Don’t be just good, BE GREAT.

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