Bijitha Joyce

Bijitha, founder of Elevature Training helps organizations redefine their people development strategies. She believes that successful interventions takes place only when the spark is kindled from within.Know More

Rajiv Ranjan

Senior Consultant and Coach
Rajiv is an Executive Coach and facilitates executives realize their aspirations and cover the journey from where they are to where they want to be, both professionally and personally. Know More

SaiSuresh Murthy

Brand Communication Consultant
Sai challenges the conventions that have bound the industry and helps create an unconventional growth for Elevature Training. His work mantra is ‘Tell the Truth’ and believes it to be the only option to thrive in this competitive business environment. Know More

About Elevature Training

Elevature Training is an inspirtaion created on the firm belief that people are THE SOLUTION to all problem and not THE PROBLEM itself. We partner with companies that believe in the power of their people to solve business challenges and bring about a culture shift. Our interventions are a blend of experiential learning and executive coaching thus making it fast paced, engaging and transformational than just transactional.